Two Important topics for this week: 11/07-11/12/2016

1. Tomorrow, Monday 11/07, Kathleen Middle School Band has a concert in our auditorium starting at 7pm. If you would like to work the concert and earn community service hours, please come talk to me at school. DO NOT CONTACT ME THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT THIS SUBJECT. If you would like to work backstage or in the booth, please wear jeans and a black or dark blue shirt. If you’d like to work as an usher, please wear nice clothes.

2. If you want to get a head start on the Veteran’s Day Parade Music, come by the band room and see me any time during 2nd, 4th or 6th periods and the last 20 minutes of 5th period. It’s the same music as last year, Service Songs Sets 1 & 2, with Semper Paratus in the middle.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! I will have Veteran’s Parade info on here by Tuesday as well as on the FB page. This parade has been on the calendar for months so no last minute excuses, please!