The Pride of Kathleen has been asked to perform for the Teacher’s rally next Monday, October 16th.

Here is the schedule for that morning…yes, I know we don’t have school that day. We are the only band performing for ALL THE TEACHERS in the District!

Call Time: 7:00am
Depart: 7:20am
Arrive at Tigertown: 7:35am
Perform: 8-9am
Pack and depart by: 9:20am
Arrive at KHS: 9:35am
Unload and eat: 9:45-10:30am
Clean up and lock up: 10:30-11am

A few students have told me they would not be able to attend but the majority of the band said they would be able to. I expect all students to be on time. If you have any further questions, please email me at