Veteran’s Day Parade Information

This Saturday Morning, November 11th!

Meet at Northwest corner of Lakeland Center Parking lot at 10am. Parents-you can either drop your students off in the parking lot (advised) by using Lime Street or by getting as close to the corner of Lemon Street and Lake Beulah. Students will get equipment and get dressed at trailer by 10:25am and we will walk to staging area on Lemon Street.

Once we finish the parade, we will meet the trailer behind the old First Baptist Church. Students may be dismissed as soon as they have their equipment put away and loaded and their uniforms are hung up.

Please note: We will need help moving the band room equipment to the auditorium after the parade. we are getting new carpeting on Monday and have to have the band room floor clear of all equipment first thing Monday morning so any and all help will be welcome!